Car Care Advice from Auto Repair ExpertsTommy's Auto Service has been part of the St. Petersburg community for over 60 years. Over those many years, we've learned a few things about caring for cars. We're happy to share this knowledge with our neighbors.

carIt's a great time to take advantage of a dealers' excess inventory, but don't let them take advantage of you! Whether you're buying or selling a used vehicle, bring it in for a complete auto service and we'll find any little issues before they turn into big problems. It's a smart step to protect yourself before selling or trading in your own used vehicle, and an absolute must if you plan to drive home with a new-used vehicle of your own. Schedule an appointment today.

Radiator repairHave you noticed pools or spots of slightly greenish fluid under your vehicle? Are strange noises coming from the air vents? If so, your water pump may be failing. If you've noticed any of these problems, or if you haven't kept up with routine maintenance, let us know. We'll check your vehicle's cooling system for trouble spots and let you know about any problems brewing under the hood. An appointment today may save you the expense of a new engine tomorrow!

brake repairThis is one job you should only trust to a professional. Today's computerized braking systems require specialized tools and equipment in order to do the job properly. When you bring your vehicle in for brake service, we'll inspect the entire braking system to ensure proper brake function. We can test everything from the antilock computer system to the hydraulic brake parts. Don't take chances with your safety – a brake job is something you don’t want to put off.

Shock absorberIt might be time to replace your shocks or struts. When these suspension essentials begin to go bad, you may also notice uneven or choppy tire wear or bouncing when you apply then release weight from the front bumper. Depending on the type of shocks and struts, they may also leak oil or air. The bouncing from failed shocks and struts could cause you to lose control of your vehicle, so don't wait for this problem to go away, because it won’t. Schedule an appointment today.

Car BatteryIf your vehicle needs a jump start to get going but then runs fine, the battery is most likely to blame. If it takes a jump but then dies after removing the jumper cables, you most likely have a bad alternator. Other common symptoms of a failing alternator include random dimming of dash lights, headlights, or other oddities of the electrical system. A high pitched squeal or screeching noise under the hood could mean your alternator diodes or bearings are going out. A failing alternator can ruin a good battery and a failing battery can wipe out a good alternator. Save yourself time, money, and grief… don’t ignore the warning signs!

Alternator repairA slow crank or low charge are indicators of trouble brewing. Potential problems are numerous, ranging from the battery to the starter to the alternator or any of the wiring in between. A starting or charging system test is the best way to determine the problem and reduce repair expenses. We can't test the system with a dead battery, so bring your vehicle in for a complete diagnosis now to avoid more costly repairs later. Schedule an appointment today.

Radiator coolant antifreezeThis may surprise you, but did you know antifreeze isn't always green? It can also show up as red, clear, blue, or purple. And, although antifreeze and coolant leaks are most likely to occur near the front of the vehicle, some systems can leak antifreeze almost anywhere under the car. If you notice leaks, or see your check engine or low coolant light come on, you should have your car looked at immediately. Your vehicle can run hot and cause catastrophic engine damage even in winter. When caught early, it can be a simple fix. Ask for an appointment today.

Engine beltsCooler temperatures cause a bigger drain on the battery, which means the alternator has to work harder, which in turn creates additional wear on the belts.