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Tommy’s is a AAA Approved full-service auto repair and maintenance cente dedicated to providing you with Carefree Car Ownership.

Conveniently located in the heart of St. Petersburg on 22nd Avenue North between I-275 and US-19, Tommy's staff of ASE Certified Auto Repair Technicians use AC Delco parts to care for your car and keep it running safely and dependably.

Call (727) 323-1444 to speak with a Auto Service Advisor, or click here to schedule a Service Appointment online. Either way, you and your car will be treated so well; you’ll feel like Tommy’s is Your Car's Best Friend.

Auto Repair Services

  • AC Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Oil Change
  • Batteries
  • Engine Belts
  • Check Engine Light
  • Tune Up

St Pete Auto Air Conditioning RepairFlorida heat can be tough on cars and drivers. Your car’s engine is constantly generating heat which needs to be dissipated to prevent major problems. That’s what your radiator and cooling system is for. The driver on the other hand is at the mercy of ice cold air provided by your car’s automotive air conditioning system.  If your car air conditioner isn't blowing as cool as it used to, or if it takes longer than usual to cool off your car, you may need to have your system serviced. 

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St Pete Radiator RepairA car's engine generates enough heat to destroy itself. It is after all an internal combustion engine. The cooling system is your only line of defense against this “self-destruction.”  By dissipating heat with circulating water, your car’s radiator and the rest of your car’s cooling system keep the engine within the correct operating temperature range. That's why preventative maintenance of the automotive cooling system is essential in helping to ensure your engine's life.

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Brake RepairEveryone wants a car that is comfortable, drives well, runs dependably and goes fast, but we often take the stopping power of our car for granted. The brakes in your vehicle work as hard as or harder than any other component. How many times have you had to avoid an accident with the help of your brakes? They are the unsung hero in your car.

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St Pete Car Oil ChangeChanging the engine oil and filter frequently on your car reduces the chances of costly repairs, keeps warranties valid and increases gas mileage.

This simple auto maintenance procedure can save you money and help you get the most use out of your vehicle.  


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Car Battery

If your vehicle needs a jump start to get going but then runs fine, the battery is most likely to blame. If it takes a jump but then dies after removing the jumper cables, you most likely have a bad alternator. Other common symptoms of a failing alternator include random dimming of dash lights, headlights, or other oddities of the electrical system. A high pitched squeal or screeching noise under the hood could mean your alternator diodes or bearings are going out. A failing alternator can ruin a good battery and a failing battery can wipe out a good alternator.

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Engine BeltsSevere weather causes a bigger drain on your car's battery, which means the alternator has to work harder, which in turn creates additional wear on the engine belts.

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Check Engine LightIs your Check Engine Light On? Don't ignore it, it's trying to tell you something. Tommy's Auto Service will tell you why it's lit for FREE. 
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Tune upIs your car running poorly? Is it hard to start? Does it hesitate on acceleration? Your car could need a tune-up. We will diagnose your cars air, fuel and ignition system to make sure it’s performing at optimum capacity. 

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Friendly Car Repair Service and Expert Advice

When you bring your car into Tommy’s for maintenance, you will receive friendly service and your car will receive professional care. Tommy’s ASE Certified Car Repair Technicians have been trained to service your car efficiently while keeping an eye out for other problems that may be lurking. Your Auto Service Advisor will inform you of the results of the service you requested and advise you of any work we recommend.